In the early 1900s most dental conferences were held on the east coast. Soon Chicago became the center for annual meetings of dental organizations as most trains went through Chicago and it was perceived as the perfect central meeting place. There was only one west coast meeting, the Pacific Coast Dental Conference. In 1928, a well known and well respected prosthodontist, Fred Gulick, got together with a couple of his friends, Russell Tench and Leslie Eames and decided to form a prosthodontic organization, and in 1930 the Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontists was formed.

Fred Gulick was a renaissance man. He was a people person. He was a Barber Shop Quartet singer. He was a great dentist, a superb prosthodontist, a leader, an innovator and an educator in the field of prosthodontics. In his honor, the PCSP annually selects a life member to receive the Fred E. Gulick Distinguished Life Member Award. Like Dr. Gulick, this life member is a leader, an innovator and an educator in the field of prosthodontics, and by receiving the award will be remembered for his or her service to the profession in perpetuity.