Dr. Glen Howard Johnson

It is my honor to announce the recipient of the Gulick Award for 2022,  Dr. Glen Howard Johnson.

Glen holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, a Masters of Science degree in Bioengineering, a DDS, and a Masters degree in Dental Materials. He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington.

I first met Glen in 1988 when I was a faculty member at USC, and Terry Donovan asked me to interview him for the position as Head of Dental Materials.  Here I was kid out of school, and Glen had already published a massive amount of articles on dental materials in every journal possible.  He was as humble as can be during our interview.  I was in awe of his humbleness, and witnessed him serving as PCSP Secretary/Treasurer in the same manner. His work as Secretary and Treasurer for so many years must not go unnoticed.  He served the PCSP diligently and unselfishly. 

Glen’s CV is 23 pages long and while at The University of Washington for 35 years,  he received over 45 funded Grants for his research with dental materials, he published 71 abstracts, co-authored 3 textbooks, and had 62 publications of his research in refereed journals. He presented his research at major meetings around the world over 100 times.  

Glen served a nine year term as a member of the editorial board for the JPD and he was a 30 year member of the IADR. His service to the PCSP was vast. He was the Chair of the annual scientific program in 1999/2000, served on Executive Council for two years, and was our Secretary from 2012-2015. He passed on the position of President because he felt he had served the PCSP to his utmost and in a manner that he felt best fit his ability and personality.  I watched how hard that man worked for the PCSP for several years as a council member under him.  Very few people in our society have contributed more to the PCSP and dentistry than Glen. I am honored to present him with the highest distinction the PCSP has for our members. 

Please join me in honoring the 2022 recipient of the Fred Gulick Distinguished Life Member Award, Dr. Glen Johnson.



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