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Prospective Member Information

The Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics has a long and rich history of excellence in the field of prosthodontics dating back to 1930.  Members of the Society have been the leaders and opinion makers in prosthodontics since the beginning and our annual meetings are known for both the high quality of the Scientific Program and well attended, family oriented social events.  Our members come from both academic and private practice backgrounds and are a mix of about 75% prosthodontists and 25% general practitioners.  We have recently added a membership category for dental laboratory technicians and now have two members in this field.

The PCSP has a membership which is limited in size, consequently potential new members are carefully evaluated for not only their commitment to excellence in prosthodontics, but also for individuals who will accept a commitment to the Society.

Dentists and laboratory technicians who are interested in membership in the Society must be located in our geographic region.  This consists of the following states and provinces: Alaska, Alberta, Arizona, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Manitoba, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Saskatchewan, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.  They should first attend a couple of meetings as guests to get to know the group and for the group to get to know them.  Attendance at our social events offers a great opportunity to forge professional and personal relationships that will last a career and a lifetime.

Once someone has decided that they want to join the Society, they must first make a presentation at one of our annual meetings.  This is typically a 20 minute presentation.  Dentist candidates must also submit a manuscript covering the presentation in the correct format for publication in the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.  The PCSP was one of the three founding organizations of the JPD in 1951.  Graduate prosthodontic residents that present in our Graduate Student Research Competition may use that presentation and manuscript to satisfy their membership requirements.

Once the presentation and manuscript requirement has been completed, an application for membership is submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer along with letters of recommendation from primary and secondary sponsors, who must be Society members.  A current curriculum vitae and photograph completes the application.  This packet is submitted to the Membership Committee who reviews it for completeness.  Qualified candidates are presented to the entire membership and voted upon at our Annual Business Meeting, which is held during the Annual Scientific Session in June.  All qualities of the candidate are evaluated which includes the sponsors? assessment of the caliber of the individual and their commitment to participate in the Society, to include regular attendance at the Annual Meeting, both the Scientific Program as well as the social events.  Any member is invited to make additional comments regarding the candidate, then a secret ballot is held to determine which candidates will be accepted.

New dentist members are called Associate Members and participate fully in all Society activities except voting on new members.  Laboratory technicians are called Affiliate Members and also participate in all activities but may not vote on new members and may not hold office in the Society.  Members are required to attend at least three out of every five Annual Meetings unless they have an excused absence approved by the Executive Council.  Failure to meet this membership requirement will result in dismissal from the Society.

Associate Members may advance to full Active Membership following a four year term as Associate.  Exceptions to this four year may be granted to individuals in academics or who are nationally prominent in the field of prosthodontics.  Active Members may advance to Life Membership following 25 years of membership or upon retiring from active practice with a minimum of 10 years of membership.

Our annual assessment for members is $818 ($693 for Affiliates).  This consists of Society dues of $425 ($300 for Affiliates), a meeting assessment of $300 which is applied as a credit toward social events at the next Annual Meeting, and $93 for an online subscription to the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.

For further questions regarding membership, contact:

Dr. Mark Cruz D.D.S.