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Almost Lost in the Implant Monomania

Time: Jun 20, 2024 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM
Speaker: Charles Goodacre, Thomas J. Kepic


Almost Lost in the Implant Monomania: Giving Teeth a Chance and
The Benefits of Collaboration When Implants Are Needed


Interdisciplinary patient treatments will be used to demonstrate the benefits of integrating periodontics and prosthodontics, thereby permitting the retention of teeth with advanced dental disease and serving as an excellent alternative to extraction and implant placement. When patients do require implants this presentation will demonstrate the advantages of collaboration.


1. Show data regarding the long-term survival of periodontally treated teeth
2. Discuss the cost-effectiveness of saving teeth versus implants
3. Illustrate the advantages of tooth retention
4. Show examples of challenging implant treatments where collaboration was beneficial