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Prospects of Ceramic Implants in Modern Implantology

Time: Jun 22, 2024 12:00 PM - 12:25 PM
Speaker: Ulrich Volz

Prospects of Ceramic Implants in Modern Implantology: Anticipating Preferences and Trends Set by Generation XYZ


This presentation acts as a bridge across generations, observing how attitude shifts and technological progress jointly shape the future of ceramic implants and their role in prosthodontics. Exploring generational attitudes and digital advancements, we highlight their influence on adopting oral healthcare technologies. We cover ceramic implant benefits, immediate loading, soft tissue management, and osseointegration while considering foresight and technological synergy. We employ advanced digital implantology and guided navigation systems to create tailored biomimetic solutions for ceramic immediate implantation, improving treatment efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the next generations.


1. General Behaviors and Patterns Across Generations

2. Their Specific Impact on Implant Dentistry

3. Ceramic Implants and the Feasibility of Immediate Implantation

4. Comprehensive Guided Navigation Systems and Generation-Specific Instrumentation Needs