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All in 4-4-4 hybrid prosthesis; bridging the affordability gap

Time: Jun 21, 2024 12:45 PM - 1:15 PM
Speaker: Lambert Stumpel

The All in 4-4-4, is a novel workflow that allows the fabrication of a metal-resin-fixed-hybrid-prosthesis supported on 4 implants, with a variable cost for parts and material of $ 400 and a (laboratory) production time of approximately 4 hours. This allows for the possibility to deliver a final or long term provisional on the day of implant placement. Due to its low cost and in-house production feasibility, it might allow more patients access to full arch implant care.


Course objectives:

1. Understand the workflow to fabricate a same day, high quality, hybrid prosthesis.

2. Appreciate what the ideal number of supporting implants is for a full arch fixed prosthesis.

3. Make the wonder of implant care more accessible for our patients.