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Keys for Anterior Implant Esthetics

Time: Jun 21, 2024 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM
Speaker: Hom-Lay Wang

Implant-supported restorations, whether single or multiple, have emerged as the preferred therapeutic choice for both professionals and patients when addressing partial and total edentulism. When implants are positioned optimally, coupled with appropriate abutment selection, consideration of surrounding implant phenotypes, meticulous prosthetic loading, and consistent maintenance, they exhibit remarkably high success rates and yield pleasing esthetic outcomes, particularly in the anterior regions. This presentation will delve into an exploration of the pivotal factors pivotal for achieving aesthetically pleasing anterior results. These factors encompass the precise 6D positioning of implants, ensuring an adequate presence of peri-implant phenotypes, and meticulous design considerations for prosthetic restorations, among other crucial elements. Moreover, an informative decision tree will be showcased, offering clinicians a valuable tool to navigate the decision-making process and choose the most suitable path for each individual case.


Educational objectives:

  • Explore the utilization of implant-supported restorations for replacing missing dentition while attaining aesthetically pleasing outcomes, particularly in the anterior regions.
  • Comprehend and apply a decision tree approach to ensure consistent and predictable achievement of anterior implant esthetics.