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Pterygoid Implants for Advanced Full Arch Fixed Implant Supported Prosthodontics

Time: Jun 21, 2024 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Speaker: Avi Bidra


Placement of implants in the posterior maxilla in terminal dentition or edentulous patients is known to be challenging due to the quality and quantity of available bone and the presence of the maxillary sinus. In an attempt to solve these problems, pterygoid implants were introduced in 1989. Though not popularly used, the primary advantage of these implants is their graftless nature, engagement of dense cortical bone of the pterygoid plates, elimination of distal cantilevers and serving as a reserve implant. The primary disadvantage is the associated learning curve, technique sensitivity, anatomic challenges. This presentation will provide a scientific overview as well as present survival data about pterygoid implants, and make the case for their broader utilization in prosthodontic treatment.

Course Objectives:

1. To understand that implant placement is subcrestal prosthodontics and how remote skeletal anchorage devices can aid in improving patient’s quality of life. 2. To understand the advantages and disadvantages of pterygoid implants in the rehabilitation of edentulous and terminal dentition patients. 3. To understand the indications and contraindications of pterygoid implants. 4. To understand the clinical anatomy of the pterygoid region and technique for placement.