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Saving Teeth Through Endodontic Therapy—What are the Outcomes and What is the Evidence

Time: Jun 20, 2024 11:30 AM - 11:55 AM
Speaker: Stefan Zweig

The decision to include endodontically treated teeth in a restorative treatment plan is often difficult.  The availability of other predictable treatment alternatives (dental implants) further complicates the issue.  Yet, the retention of the natural dentition has many benefits for the patient.  Endodontic success rates as defined in the literature are high and continue to climb with the advent of new technologies and treatment modalities. But tooth longevity and function are undeniably tied to restorative and periodontal factors.  This lecture will focus on the evidence that endodontic therapy is still a viable and successful alternative for saving teeth which can be strategically used in restorative treatment plan. The prognosis for endodontically treated teeth will be considered along with various treatment endodontic treatment modalities which must be considered when saving natural teeth.


Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the success rates of the various endodontic modalities.
  2. Learn the application and viability of applying these modalities clinically.
  3. Learn guidelines as to when and when not to rely on endodontically treated teeth based on their strategic value in the treatment plan and their prognosis.
  4. Consider the viability of performing various endodontic procedures to save the natural dentition.