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81st Annual Meeting, June 30-July 2, 2016
San Francisco, CA

2016 Scientific Program

21st Century: Changing Patient Care


Thursday, June 30, 2016


  8:00-8:05      Opening Remarks: Opening Remarks and President's welcome address. Dr. Frederick Finzen and Dr. Steven Sadowsky introduce the program theme.
Moderator:   Dr. Charles Goodacre
8:05-8:45   Dr. Carlo Marinello - From Non-invasive to Digital: 40 Years of Prosthodontics
8:45-9:25   Dr. Lyndon Cooper - Technology and the A,B, C and D's of Prosthodontics
9:25-10:05   Dr. German Gallucci - Full Digital Approach to Implant Dentistry
10:05-10:25   Dr. Scott Keith - Comprehensive Surgical and Restorative Full Arch Immediate Load Treatment Protocols in the Prosthodontic Private Practice
10:25-11:00   Break
Moderator:   Dr. Mike Racich
11:00-11:15   Gulick Award
Graduate Prosthodontics Research Competition
Dr. Manuel Bratos (UW)
Dr. Brian Goodacre (LLU)
Dr. Carlota Suarez (UW)
Dr. Abdulaziz AlHelal (LLU)
Dr. Konstantina Angelara (UW)
12:05--12:30   Dr. Robert Kelly - An Update on Ceramics for Implant and Restorative Dentistry
12:30-1:00   Dr. Mohammad Kashani-Sabet - Update in Melanoma Therapy


Friday, July 1, 2016


Moderator:       Dr. Brian Kucey 
8:00-8:45   Dr. Peter Moy - The Current State of the Art in Implant Densitry: Innovations in Technology and Surgical Techniques
8:45-9:30   Dr. Joseph Kan - Inter-Implant Papilla Management in the Esthetic Zone
9:30-10:15   Dr. Kirk Pasquinelli - From Tooth to Implant: A Customized Process
10:15-11:05   Break
Moderator:   Dr. Chandur Wadhwani 
11:05-11:10   Graduate Prosthodontic Research Competition Awards Announcement
        11:10-11:30   Dr. John Petrini Jr. - Is it Time for a Eulogy for Classic Articulation?
11:30-11:50   Jerry Peck - Digital Advancements in Radiological Planning of Implant Placement
11:50-12:10   Mike Kulwiec - Recent Innovations in Laboratory Materials and Technology
12:10-12:50   Dr. Tom Salinas - The Traditional Approach with Regard to Patient Treatment: Antiquated, Anticipatory or Advanced?


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Moderator:      Dr. Arun Sharma 
    Treating Sleep Apnea in the 21st Century: What the Data Shows
8:00-8:30   Dr. Stacy Quo
8:30-9:00   Dr. Kasey Li
9:00-9:30   Dr. Christian Guilleminault 
9:30-9:50   Panel Discussion
9:50-10:35   Break
Moderator:   Dr. Larry Over 
10:35-10:55   Dr. Paul Parminter - The Hydraulic Action of a Luting Agent when Cementing an Implant Restoration: An In-Vitro Study
      10:55-11:15   Dr. Amy Au-Novel - Novel Silver-embedded Titania Nanotubular Implant Surface Fabrication, Characterization, Antimicrobial Effect and Biocompatibility
11:15-11:55   Dr. Nocola Zitzmann - Implant Restoration of the Edentulous Patient
11:55-12:30   Dr. Steve Parel - The Circularity of Osseointegration
12:30-1:00   Dr. Richard Jordan - Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Related Head and Neck Cancer. An Old Foe in a New Form 
  Dr. Brian Kucey


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