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82nd Annual Meeting

June 28-July 1, 2017
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

2017 Scientific Program

Prosthodontics: Artistry Driven by Science

Thursday, June 29

8:00-8:15            Opening remarks

8:15-9:45            Drs. Frank Spear and David Mathews: Enhancing esthetic outcomes by integrating a minimally invasive approach to complex dental problems
9:45-10:15          Dr. Edward P. Allen: Improving esthetics with soft tissue grafting: The science behind the surgery
10:15-11:00        Break
11:00-11:30        Dr. Todd Schoenbaum: Abutment design; the science behind the art
11:30-11:50        Dr. Chan Park: Implant dentistry; pitfalls and precautions
11:50-12:05        Gulick Award presentation
12:05-1:00          Graduate Student Research Competition

Friday, June 30

8:00-8:05           Opening remarks

8:05-9:00            Dr. Tomas Linkevicius: Implants ? the science behind our restorative choices
9:00-9:40            Dr. Tom Wilson: The etiology and therapy for peri-implant diseases
9:40-10:10          Dr. Edmond Bedrossian: Surgical and biomechanical principles when using the Zygoma implants; Algorithms for success
10:10-10:30        Ms. Ruth Bourke: Cast gold to digitally milled; a 15-year clinical review of the MK1 bar design
10:30-11:15        Break
11:15-11:40        Dr. Lambert Stumpel: Digital vs. analog guided surgery; separating the hype from reality
11:40-12:00        Dr. Jefferson Clark: Effect of image sharpening upon radiographic image quality
12:00-12:25        Dr. Mathew Kattadiyil: Computer engineered vs. conventional complete dentures: an analysis
12:25-12:55        Mr. Steve Hurson: Dental implant biomechanics
12:55-1:00          Dr. Steven Sadowsky: Graduate student competition awards

Saturday, July 1

8:00-8:05            Opening remarks

8:05-8:30            Dr. Jeffrey Ceyhan: Botox in dentistry
8:30-9:10            Dr. Thomas Taylor: Occlusion and dental implants: What gives?
9:10-9:30            Dr. Osamu Komiyama: Overload of dental implants; parafunctional effects and the central nervous system
9:30-10:00          Dr. Jim Janakievski: Autotransplantation of premolars to replace traumatized maxillary incisors in the growing patient.
10:00-10:20        Dr. Ulf Temnitzer: Is the link between occlusal wear and non-carious cervical lesions a myth or reality?
10:20-11:00        Break
11:00-11:30       Dr. Amirali Zandinejad: Restorative material selection for implants in the esthetic zone
11:30-11:50        Dr. Stuart Taylor: Attrition and subtraction ? the future of imaging in dentistry
11:50-12:20        Dr. Van Ramos: Developing the ovate pontic, because we still do fixed prosthodontics
12:20-1:10          Dr. Clark Stanford: Concepts of health, oral health and the value proposition for tooth replacement therapies.
1:10-1:15            Closing remarks
1:15-1:25            2018 Annual Meeting Preview


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