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83rd Annual Meeting

June 27-30, 2018

Omni La Costa Resort and Spa, Carlsbad, CA

2018 Scientific Program

Professional Grade Prosthodontics

Thursday, June 28

Day 1: Prosthodontic Principles

Drs. Lyndon Cooper- Vision of Prosthodontics and Direction of Care

David Guichet-Comprehensive Diagnosis

John Sorensen- Treatment Planning

Gary Solnit- Treatment Objectives and Maintenance through Rehabilitation

Chris Marchak- Sequencing of Care

Terry Carlyle-Determining the Treatment Position

Michael Roizen- ?Age Proof?- Guidelines for Life


Friday, June 29

Day 2: Execution of Prosthodontic Philosophy

Joseph Kan- Optimizing Anterior Esthetics

Han Scoble- Finishing the Case

Fereidoun Daftary- Classical Implant Prosthodontics- 35 years report

Oded Bahat- Solutions for Cranio-facial Growth, Surgery in the 4th Dimension

Grad Pros Student Competition- Fritz Finzen

Walter Dobrovolsky- OMFS and the Prosthodontic Patient

David Gratton- The Leading Edge of Digital Dentistry


Saturday, June 30

Day 3: Prosthodontic Essentials-Materials, Surgery, Practice Management

Terry Donovan- Current Controversies with Restorative Materials

Shane White- When to Hold?em, When to Fold ?em

Sung Hong- Removable ODs-new sightings

Bryce Adamson- To Guide or Navigate?

Mark Exler- Contemporary Prosthodontic Practice Management

Martin Chin- Surgical Design for Reconstruction with Implants: A New Paradigm

Don Curtis- Geriatric Prosthodontics: The Life Cycle

Peter Moy- Guided Surgery/AR (Augmented Reality)

Cherilyn Sheets & Jamie Kaukinen- Case Presentation & Getting Yes!

David Guichet- 2019 Meeting Preview


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