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PCSP 2009 Annual Session "Continuing the Tradition of Excellence" Preliminary Program

June 25 -  Dr. Robert Cronin - Implant Treatment in the Growing Patient

           Dr. Steven Lewis -  Treatment Planning:  Conflicts and Solutions

           Dr. Steve Parel -  Immediate Loading of Implants in the Edentulous Maxilla:  Are we there yet?

           Dr. Alex Kang -  Immediate Loading of Implants for Mandibular Hybrid Prostheses

           Dr. Ken Hebel -  Establishing Treatment Planning for Implants And Teeth using all Ceramic Restorations.

June 26 -  Dr. Tim DeRouen -   Health Effects of Dental Amalgam

           Dr. Earl Sommers -  Overview of Normal Sleep and Oral Appliances For Sleep Disordered Breathing

           Dr. Shane White  - Enamel, The Ultimate Bioceramic

           Mr. Kevin Black  -  The Digital Impresssion

           Dr. Rich Masek -    The Many Facets of Chairside CAD/CAM

           Dr. Mete Fanuscu    -    Understanding Bone Microstructure for Implant Mechanics

           A Forum on Immediate Loading of Dental Implants (including Dr's. R. Lawton, S. Sadowsky, D. Guichet, P. Binon, C. Marchak, K. Phillips, R. Harper)

June 27 -  Dr's Frank Spear, Vince Kokich, Dave Mathews - Interdisciplinary

                                       Management of Complex Treatment Plans           

           Dr. Jim Brudvik -    50 Years of Trying to Build a Better RPD

           Dr. Simon Gamer - Aligning the Mal-positioned Pre-maxilla in Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Patients

           Dr. Robert Winter -  An Esthetic Dilemma:  Restoration of  Discolored or Metallic Tooth Substrate