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Speakers for the Kona Meeting

  Dr. Steve Parel  Full Arch Implants
  Dr. Jean Francois Bedard Single Implants
  Dr. Yataro Komiyama Current Implant Treatments
  Dr. Brien Lang CAD State of the Art
  Dr. Hal Slavkin Stem Cells
  Dr. Steve Sadowsky Tx of the Edentulous Maxilla
  Dr. Mamaly Reshad Perio-Pros Connection
  Dr. Mark Montana Private Practice
  Dr. Mats Kronstrom Implant Overdentures
  Dr. Brad Patrick Ceramics
  Dr. Stephen Ancowitz Rot Path RPDs
  Dr. Michael Lum Amelogenesis Imperfecta
  Dr. Roy Yanase Implants 20 Year History
  Dr. Harel Simon Pink Porcelaine
  Dr. Charles Goodacre
Dr. Shane White
Endo & FPDs
   vs Implants
  Dr. Peter Johnson Full Dentures
  Dr. Masao Yamazaki Esthetics
  Dr. Tommy Yamashita Custom Abutments
  Dr. Yoshi Goto Maxillary Implant Treatment
  Dr. Robert Tupac Frequency Analysis
  Dr. Richard Kinsel
Mr. Daniel Capoferri
Single Stage Implants in the
Esthetic Zone
  Dr.  Markus Blatz Esthetics
  Dr. Ken Malament Ceramics
  Dr. Alexandre Aalam  
  Graduate Prosthodontic Student Competition - Four finalists in original research.
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