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We Are

Collage of PCSP members

A unique group of dedicated health professionals with a passion for dentistry and a drive to achieve excellence. The members are leaders in the field of Prosthodontics and must complete an exhaustive list of requirements to qualify for membership. The membership also feels that family and friendships are an equally important component of PCSP. The original founders in 1930 stressed the balance of professional life and family must always be maintained. Our annual meetings reflects this early vision of providing an outstanding scientific program and an atmosphere for development of family and lasting friendships. The list of qualifications include an original research paper, two scientific presentations and recommendations by two members.

We are always looking for qualified individuals with a passion for prosthodontics. Please contact a member for a recommendation and more information on how to apply for membership in this unique group of professionals.

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Type a city name and/or 2 letter state code (IL, CA, TX, etc.) into the search fields. The search results will include all cities or states containing those letters in their names.

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