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History of the Society

The Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics is proud to release the
History of the PCSP prepared and narrated by Past President Curtis Barmby.
The 18 minute historical vignette (in 2 parts) reflects the early years of our Society, the vision and extraordinary accomplishments of our charter members on whose shoulders we stand.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/BQXZUgvM63U

Part 2: https://youtu.be/R3-15EQQSsI

History of the PCSP - download the PowerPoint presentation with narration.


Historical photo of PCSP founders

There came into being on the Pacific Coast, in 1926, The Pacific Coast Dental Conference. The components of this Conference included the state dental associations of all states west of the Rocky Mountains, also the Provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. These components meet in conference every three years.

At the second meeting of the Conference in San Francisco, July 1929, a small group of members whose interests were in dental prosthesis attended a lecture given by Dr. Russell W. Tench of New York City. The thought came to them that a prosthodontists' society on the Coast would do much to advance the skill of its members and the quality of service rendered in this important branch of dentistry.

A canvass was made among those present at the Conference who were known to be interested in dental prosthesis. They met at luncheon the following day at the Whitcomb Hotel. Those present were Drs. Fred E. Gulick and David T. Chase of Portland; Frank E. Wood of Seattle; J. W. Martin and Wilfrid H. Terrell of Pasadena; James L. Howard of Hollywood; Milus M. House of Whittier, Calif.; J. Ray Gill of San Francisco, and E. Leslie Eames of Los Angeles. Dr. Tench attended in an advisory capacity. As a result of this meeting, The Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontists came into being. Dr. Gulick was asked to serve as first president and prepare for the first meeting.

Photo of one of the founders, Dr. Fred E. GulickThe first meeting was held in San Francisco in January of 1930, at the St. Francis Hotel. President Gulick had a most successful and enthusiastic meeting. The following men were in attendance and became the charter members of the Society: Drs. Fred E. Gulick, David T. Chase, Saul C. Robinson, and Everett M. Hurd of Portland; Frank E. Wood of Seattle; James Allen Graham, J.Ray Gill, Wm. A. Colburn, Wm. A. Beach, Frank H. McKevitt, and Thomas H. Forde of San Francisco; E. H. Mauk of Berkeley; Milus M. House of Whittier; James L. Howard of Hollywood; J. W. Martin and Wilfrid Terrell of Pasadena, and E. Leslie Eames of Los Angeles.

April, 1931, saw more pretentious plans made and the society having taken in about ten new members, preceded the California State Meeting with a two-day program at the St. Francis Hotel. In attendance were twenty active members and several guests. Clinics were rotated from the 450 Suter Building to the St. Francis Hotel; some were practical, some scientific, and all very interesting. On the program were the following: Drs. M. M. House, James Allen Graham, George M. Hollenback, Frank McKevitt, Frank Wood, Thomas H. Ford, Wm. A. Colburn, S. C. Robinson, Everett M. Hurd, David T. Chase and Dr. Loop.

Several new members were accepted and Victoria, B.C. was chosen for the next meeting, to be held in conjunction with the 1932 Pacific Coast Conference.

President Fred Gulick and Secretary-Treasurer David Chase retired from office, while President-elect E. Leslie Eames of Los Angeles and Secretary-Treasurer Wilfred H. Terrell of Pasadena took over duties for the year. Frank E. Wood of Seattle was made President-elect and Program chairman for the 1932 meeting.

The third meeting was held July 4 and 5, 1932, at the Empress Hotel, in Victoria, B.C. This meeting was well attended and many new members were added to the roster. Officers elected to guide the destiny of this new organization for the next two years were: Frank E. Wood, President; Thomas H. Forde, President-elect; Frank H. McKevitt, Vice-president, and Wilfrid H. Terrell, Secretary-treasurer.

The fourth meeting was held at the Cliff Hotel, San Francisco, April 3 and 4, 1934. This completes the early history. From this day forward, the Society has met annually until 1941. Meetings were omitted during World War II but were resumed annually after the close of the war.

In 1951, the PCSP became a founding member of the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, with its first issue, in January. It has supported the JPD at every meeting since then.

Today, the Society holds its Annual Meeting and Scientific Session every June.  We hold our meetings at resorts and hotels in the Western United States, Canada and occasionally Hawaii.  The Pacific Coast Society for Prosthodontics prides itself in providing an academic and social environment that will help develop personal relationships and improve prosthodontic patient care. We have also established prosthodontic awards for undergraduate dental students and support graduate prosthodontic students of dental programs west of the Rockies.

From: E. Leslie Eames, DDS; JPD Mar. 1951
Frank E. Wood, DMD; Pacific Coast Conference Magazine Sept. 1931
Edited by Curtis L. Barmby, DDS, Chris Travis, DDS, and Rodger Lawton, DMD.