78th Annual Meeting, June 26-29, 2013

Anchorage, Alaska

2013 Scientific Program

Thursday June 27

8:00-8:10 Opening Remarks (Don Curtis and John Sorensen)

8:10-8:55 Dr. Steven Parel -"All on Four": Myth or Magic!

All Things Ceramic - Presentations and Panel Discussion
Dr. John Sorensen- Moderator

8:55-9:40 Dr. Charles Goodacre - Metal-Ceramic Fixed Prosthodontics: The Only Way to Fly

9:40-10:25 Dr. Jonathan Ferencz - Zirconia Full Arch Prosthesis

10:25-11:10 Break

11:10-11:55 Mr. Lee Culp - Ceramics and CAD/CAM

11:55-12:40 Dr. John Sorensen - Dental Ceramics: State of the Art 2013

12:40-12:55 Ceramic Panel Discussion. Questions and Answers

12:55-1:30 Graduate Student Essay Competition

Friday June 28

Diagnosis and Restoration of Teeth: It's What We Do
Dr. David Guichet - Moderator

8:00-8:45 Dr. Jeff Rouse - Triad of OSA-GERD- Sleep Bruxism

8:45-9:25 Dr. Joel Berg - Caries, Erosion, and Fluoride

9:25-10:05 Dr. Brian Vence - Space Maintenance Utilizing IDT in Restorative Dentistry

10:05-10:25 Dr. Tim Hess - Tucker Gold Restorations: A Blueprint to Restorative Success

10:25-11:10 Break

11:10-11:45 Dr. Sunita Ho - Occlusion and Its Effects on Dento-Alveolar Biologic Anatomy

11:45-12:25 Dr. Ken Kurtz - Bulemia-Diagnosis and Treatment

12:25-12:45 Dr. Ken Hinds - CAD/CAM Anterior Anatomic Abutments

12:45-1:05 Dr. Cherilyn Sheets - Percussion Diagnostics for Implants, Teeth, and Ceramics

1:05-1:25 Dr. Mike Racich - Occlusal Considerations- 2013

Saturday June 29

Complications, Failures, and Solutions
Dr. Chris Travis-Moderator

8:00-8:30 Dr. Izchak Barzilay - Implant Complications. What to do?

8:30-9:00 Dr. Chris Marchack - Treatment Planning-The Highway Map for Success

9:00-9:30 Dr. Brian Kucey - Prosthodontist Placing Implants: Complications in Private Practice

9:30-10:00 Dr. Rainer Bergman - Implant Complications and Solutions

10:00-10:30 Dr. Jamie Kaukinen - Prosthodontists Placing Implants Surgical and Pros Complications

10:30-10:45 Gulick Award

10:25-11:10 Break

11:30-12:00 Dr. Tom Taylor - Ceramic Failures in Implant Prosthodontics

12:00-12:20 Dr. Jim Kelly - Maxillofacial Pros: Osteoradionecrosis and Prosthodontic Considerations

12:20-12:40 Dr. Steven Wagner - Denture Tray Technique

12:40-1:00 Dr. Andrea Jordon - Maxillofacial Pros: Attenuation for IMRT

1:00-1:15 Dr. Sanjeev Gandhi - Managing Stress with Yoga

1:15-1:25 Dr. Chris Travis, Closing of Scientific Program

Cherilyn Sheets and Jacinthe Paquette for the 2014 Annual Meeting in Laguna Beach, CA.

Alternate speaker - Dr. Brian Roberts- Complete Denture Patients.

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