Cheers to prosthodontics,  PCSP annual meeting 2019

A scientific meeting in the wonderous wine country of northern California. Our mutual desire to discover the truth and the exploration of the scientific method that we follow to get to it.   Blend this with rekindling old friendships and finding new ones.  All this under the warm California sun, with the accompaniment of an earthy pinot or a robust cabernet we aim to bring you 3 days with exciting speakers. Some are old friends of our organization, some are new and rising stars; all amazingly dedicated to our profession. Cheers.

Day 1:  Critical analysis of digital dentistry

A day where we want to explore the revolution called digital dentistry.  We do not only want to learn what is new; but is all this new really better?  Our speakers will explore and share their journeys with us.

Enrico Steger  Update on Zironia from the Italian Alps
Petra Gierthmuehlen CAD/CAM resin matrix ceramic materials and digital restorative technologies.
Stephanie Zeller The Digital Dentistry Mindset: Creativity Unbounded
Vincent Celenza A journey from analog to digital
Michael Sherer Implementing 3D printing technology in practice
Suresh Nayar The Design Process of Patient Specific Surgical Guides for Head and Neck Reconstruction


Day 2 :  Interdisciplinary dentistry; solo or together?

Dentistry has many sub specialties, but also many ways those are practiced. In a truly interdisciplinary fashion as we know from the historical American model.  Or integrated into a solo practitioner, one clinician donning many caps as we see in Europe and emerging here in the US.


David Brown What a prosthodontist needs to know about endo
Bas Wafelbakker Ortho is more than a pretty smile
Mike Racich Occlusion, TMD, Orofacial Pain – Relationships Distilled …
Ziv Simon soft tissue grafting around teeth and implants
Todd Scheyer  perio pros treatment and  hard tissue grafting
Wael Att Putting it all together


Day 3 :  Last but not least

A potpourri, a smorgasbord, a feast of topics ;  You name it we got it, we will not be undersold !!

Jill Helms & John Brunski The biomechanics of immediate function
Larry Wolinski Status update on dental education
Mark Adams  The ClearChoice Story: The plight of the edentulous, a new model and data… lots of data
Dene LeBeau  Crown Seating Metrics and Why
Josh Manchester  Modernizing the cingulum rest seat, from past to present
Ken Reed How to Stay Off the News Doing Sedation
Daisuke Sato    Implant Prosthodontic for a Super-Aged Society
Harel Simon The Loose Implant Restoration Syndrome
Irena Sailer The University of Geneva fixed restorative treatment concept



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